Comfy, Stylish and Safe event accommodation

We love building comfortable and elegant camps at festivals, weddings, parties, and corporate events.

We use 2,4, & 6 person canvas tents available in two specs: CLASSIC or SULTANS CHOICE (luxury spec).                                                                         

Normally our camps are built around a central seating, meeting, and shade areas.

Tea, coffee, and cereal are provided from our reception tent every morning.

We use a 2 & 6 person canvas Bell tents, and 4 person Touareg style tents.

CLASSIC spec. comes with floor rugs, door mats, single or double airbeds, and solar lights.

SULTANS CHOICE spec. comes as above plus  full bedding package (sheets, 13.5 tog duvets, pillows etc.,) camp chairs, side tables, tea light lanterns, bunting, and welcome pack.

Our first camp was way back in 2010 when we had 15 tents. We now have over 120 tents available with all fittings.                                        Our customers, and events are important to us, and our ambition is to produce the BEST camps possible, so everyone has a great experience.We have been at Blissfields for 8 years running, Wickham and Weyfest 7 years, and Barefoot 6 years. Some customers have been with us every year at these events, and we appreciate that. Returning customers get 10% discount.  

Camel Camp CLASSIC

  Traditional, spacious, cool and classy.


Our fully dressed luxury option